About Infochemistry Research Center

Scientific consultant of our center – Winner of the Nobel prize in chemistry Jean Marie Lehn. In his letter he agreed to become a scientific consultant for the ITMO University's information Chemistry center.

Our center cooperates with many well-known foreign Universities, such as National University of Singapore, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom and others.

Today, there is a tendency to consider important problems of our time with the involvement of interdisciplinary fields of science. It has led to the creation of a research and education center for Infochemistry at the best IT University in Russia, ITMO University, where one of the main activities of the University-information technology-is considered in a completely new field: at the molecular level and in chemical systems. In our center we work in several areas: from creating an artificial cell to programming systems for bacterial biofilms, smart dynamic materials and light-controlled systems for diagnostics, studying and modeling nonlinear chemical processes.

Our activity

Scientific groups
  • Infochemistry
  • Computational chemistry
  • Biomimetic materials
  • Chemometrics
  • Digitalization of food technologies
  • Bioelementology
  • Digital transformation
Образование через науку
  • Training specialists with an interdisciplinary understanding of complex systems in chemistry and biology
  • Experimental study
  • Моделирование и предсказание
  • Solving the challenges of personalized medicine and nutrition on a new level with the help of Big Data collection and analysis
  • Research of model systems
  • Understanding analogies and synergetics

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