There is an opportunity to take a free internship and get acquainted with advanced research in science in the Infochemistry Scientific Center.

Who can participate?

Students of general education institutions of St. Petersburg who have general knowledge and skills in chemistry, biology and computer science in the scope of the school curriculum of grades 10-11.

The practice is provided for both small groups and individual participation.

The participant must know the school curriculum in biology, chemistry and computer science. Have the skills of staging elementary chemical experiments, confidently use a computer and some well-known programs, is able to install the necessary software independently.

How is the internship going?

The practice is conducted on the basis of ITMO University in laboratories with immersion of schoolchildren in current scientific projects.

Participants attend theoretical courses in general, inorganic, physical and organic chemistry; microbiology, cell biology and biochemistry; mathematics, mathematical modeling, computer science.

The practical part of the program is implemented on advanced equipment with the support of leading scientists, candidates and doctors of sciences. Experimental and laboratory work is carried out in order to acquire practical skills in working with reagents, equipment and programs for theoretical calculations.

When does the internship take place and how do I sign up for it?

Different forms are possible outside of school hours with intensive classes during the holidays. So, you can choose from flexible courses, 1-2 week projects or the implementation of full-fledged projects carried out during the year.

In order to sign up for an internship, you need to write a letter to with the subject of the letter "Internship".

Internship results

As a result of individual projects under the guidance of doctors and candidates of sciences and constant communication with students in the laboratory, participants will learn how to analyze literature on a given topic, work with databases and high-impact peer-reviewed journals, get acquainted with high-tech equipment during the research and present their project by preparing a report on the research topic. After successfully completing an internship at the REC Infochemistry, participants will receive certificates that are taken into account when entering the bachelor's degree program at ITMO University for the educational program "Infochemistry" in the direction of "Chemical Technology".